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MIDDX AGE GROUP & YOUTH PRORGAMME available to download

Middx County Age Group Championships

Venu:   Southbury Road Leisure Centre

Session Timings

Saturday 20th January 2018
Sunday 21st January 2018
At Southbury Road Leisure Centre
At Southbury Road Leisure Centre
Session 1 Warm up 8:15 Start 9:15
Session 3 Warm up 8:15 Start 9:15
Session 2 Warm up 13:00  Start 14:00
Session 4 Warm up 13:00  Start 14:00
Saturday 3rd February 2018
Sunday 4th February 2018
At Southbury Road Leisure Centre
At Southbury Road Leisure Centre
Session 5 Warm up 08:30 Start 09:30
Session 7 Warm up 08:30 Start 09:30
Session 6 Warm up 12:30  Start 13:30
Session 8 Warm up 12:30  Start 13:30

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Download Day 1 Programme

Download Day 2 Programme

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Middx County Youth Championships

Venu: LAC

Session Timings

Youth County Champs
Youth County Champs
Saturday 27thJanuary 2018
Sunday 28thJanuary 2018
Session 1 Warm up 8:00 Start 9:00
Session 3 Warm up 8:00 Start 9:00
Session 1A (1500) Warm up 12:10  Start 12:30
Session 3A (800) Warm up 12:10  Start 12:30
Session 2 Warm up 13:30   Start 14:30   Session 4 Warm up 13:00   Start 14:00

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Click  HERE to see Rejection List

Download Day1 Programme

Download Day 2 Programme

It is with regret that there are rejections. The meet's uptake from within the county has taken us by surprise and I am unable to include everyone. For those who have unfortunitely been rejected, I have set up a 'Reserve' List and I am intending on allowing a signup sheet for rejected swimmers on the day so if anyone withdraw then the space can be utilised. Of course the fastest swimmer who signs in will be placed in first.

The signing up desk will be opened and made available Session by Session on the main desk outside the computer suit at the LAC. This desk will be open for 10 minutes and will be shut at the same time as the withdrawal desk. Those who have been successful will be able to find out once the heat sheets have been posted.

Please note the following request below from the LAC.


  • Spectators ARE NOT permitted to bring any food/drinks/refreshments into the facility, regardless of purpose or intent. Only refreshments that have been purchased on site may be consumed in the communal areas and spectators seating areas.
  • Swimmers/Coaches/Poolside Supervisors ARE permitted to bring food/drinks/refreshments into the facility.
  • It is preferred that any food/drinks/refreshments brought into the facility are consumed in the changing rooms, communal areas and spectators seating area.
  • The consumption of food/drinks/refreshments on the poolside/deck is not preferred but is not prohibited.
  • In the circumstance that food/drinks/refreshments are consumed on the poolside/deck, the swimmers/coaches/supervisors club are considered responsible for themanagement/collection of the waste produced.
  • London request that all attendees of events at the London Aquatics Centre respect and comply with these obligations and do not challenge facility staff in an attempt to secure a concession.

2.        PARKING.

  • Nearest Car Park at Westfield in Car Park B which costs £9.50 p/day. Swimmers and parents are asked not to park at the LAC, where parking spaces are very limited and the  centre request that they be left for use for their daily patrons. Sat Nav for the Car Park is E15 2EE.


  • The permitted use of devices which capture still or moving images is no longer dependent upon pre-registration.
  • Flash photography remains prohibited at all times.
  • All persons who attend a MCASA meet at the London Aquatic Centre must have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and obligations as detailed in the “ASA Photography Guidance” section of Wavepower 2016-19 (the current ASA Child Safeguarding Policies and Procedures publication).
  • Additionally, MCASA request that all meet attendees respect the privacy and wishes of all other users of the facilities, regardless of their celebrity status.