Renew your Club Membership Online!

Parents and Masters Swimmers are now able to renew their annual memberships on line. Instructions are as follows:

Registering or renewing Annual Membership

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Annual Membership Registration” (top left of web page under “Sign In” button.

This will take you to the LBRSC Membership Form

  1. Click on “Continue or Check Status”
  2. Either “Create New Account” if you haven’t registered on the website before or enter your email address and password and press “Continue”

If you Create New Account:

  • Enter details of parent(s) and contact numbers
  • All boxes with a red asterisk (*) must be completed. If you do not have different telephone numbers for work etc., please reuse numbers you’ve already entered, e.g. your personal mobile number.
  • Click on “Continue” then “Add Member”

Adding a  New Member (this is where you add details of your child/swimmer)

  • Complete all boxes where there is a red asterisk (*)
  • For “Physician Name” enter the name of the swimmer’s GP or GP Practice and any medical details.
  • Click on the “Register to this Group” button an select the squad that the swimmer trains with. This will open the "Swim England" registration area of the form.
  • If you were previously a member of LBRSC you will already have a Swim England number (previously ASA number). Enter this on the form or leave it blank (you can look it up using your child’s last name on this website:

  • Please note that swimmers from all squads apart from Competitive Development squad ((CD) are "Category 2" (competitive swimmers). CD squad are Category 1 swimmers.
  • Complete the rest of the form (NB the “Disabilities” options are quite limited)
  • Click the “Add” button when the form has been completed.
  1. You will now be at a page with the name of the swimmer you have just added details for at the top. You can then choose to add another child if you have other children who are members of the club.
  2. Please review the “Use of photographs and video images” and tick the optional box at the bottom if you consent to this.
  3. Click “Continue”. This will take you to a page with details of your account and how to pay by BACS.
  4. Click “Proceed” and  Submit the registration.

9.Please note the club will then receive notification that you have registered a swimmer, however we cannot process this and register the child with Swim England until we have received the payment by BACS.

10.Good Luck!