Last Minute Information for Surreys Week 1
Please read information from the Promoter set out below.

Just a couple of reminders ahead of our first weekend, thankfully only one day!
DBS Checks
You will all be aware of the emphasis being placed on child safety in all walks of life.  The Swim England Wavepower Guidelines require all individuals who have a role that includes the safety of children to have a current DBS check and a certificate of attendance from a child safeguarding course.  While it is the Clubs' responsibility under the Swim Mark programme to ensure this happens, we want to bring this to everyone's front of mind.  This is in everyone's interest and benefit.
We will therefore be asking all coaches or team managers collecting poolside passes during the Surrey Championships to sign a sheet acknowledging that they and all of their coaches have a current DBS check.  If they do not, we ask that those individuals ensure they have with them someone who does have a valid check when carrying out their duties.
Please be aware of the parking restrictions tomorrow and use the Nursery car park.
Check In
There will be a check in process tomorrow for all sessions.  It is only at LAC that we are using a withdrawal system.  However, some of you have notified me of your withdrawal from tomorrows events.  If you have, you will not appear on the check in sheets.  If you have changed your mind, you need to come and see me at the meet administration desk during check in.
Meet Programme
The meet programme is on the website.  If you need a hard copy, please print off a copy before you leave for the pool.
We will be testing real-time results to the web tomorrow.  Check the website for the link.
See you all tomorrow .