Improvements to Squad Structure - Feb 2018

Hello swimmers,

As our club continues to grow we need to constantly review and improve our squad structure, whilst continuing to build on our successes.

As part of the review we recognise that we have a group of swimmers who enjoy being members of Norwich Swan without wishing to compete and therefore swim for fitness.  

We are also aware that our age group squads have a large age range (8-14yrs).

We have therefore revised our squad structure, taking your feedback into consideration, and have created a Club Squad for those fitness swimmers, and a new Competitive Senior Squad for those swimmers age 12 and over who are regularly competing.

It is important to recognise that we have restructured our squads using our existing pool time, and have given the competitive swimmers priority in the 25m pools.

Amendments to current squads

Competitive Age (CA)

For swimmers up to and including age 12 who reach the current criteria.  The timetable has not changed.

Development Age (DA)

For swimmers up to and including age 12 who reach the current criteria. The timetable has not changed.

Competitive Youth (CY)

For swimmers age 15 and above with County Qualifying times for the coming year, and are able to cope with the requirements of Youth swimming.  The timetable has not changed.

New squads

Competitive Seniors (CS)

For swimmers age 12 and above looking to compete in all Club, County and level 2 and 3 open meets. Swimmers are aiming to achieve County times for the coming year or may already have them. Swimmers will have access to 6 sessions in 25m pools to allow you to train for competitions effectively.  


Club Squad (Club)

For swimmers age 12 and above whose main focus is to swim for fitness but can also take part in local competitions.  



This revised squad structure will take effect from Monday 5th February 2018.  Your coaches will aim to speak to you on poolside over the next two weeks, and you will receive an email explaining which squad you are in.

We believe that this new squad structure will be a more effective way to coach swimmers to reach their full potential, and ask for your support with this.


The Coaching Team