French Golden Tour ? Sarcelles, March 2018 Selection Policy


  1. The team for the 2018 Sarcelles Swim Meet will be:
  1. Identified from swimmers entering and taking part in the 2018 Middlesex County Youth Championships.
  2. Identified from British Swimming Rankings (50m pool from Licensed meets from 1st January 2017 to,and including, 28th January 2018)  and that appear on the official BS/ASA Ranking List. The highest ranked swimmers within the age groups below and in Olympic events will be considered for selection.
  3. Maximum team size is 34 swimmers and may be made up as follows:

Maximum of 3 swimmers, Girls born 2003 / 2002 / 2001/ 2000 / 1999+ ( total 15 swimmers) 

Maximum of 3 swimmers Boys born 2003 / 2002 /  2001 / 2000 / 1999+( total 15 swimmers)  

There will be 4 wild card selections to be selected by the selection panel at their absolute discretion.

  1. Swimmers age to be as at 31st December 2018.
  2. Swimmers must have reached the minimum age of 15 years by 31/12/18
  3. Times must have been swum long course since 1st January 2017 and up to 28th January 2018.
  4. Only athletes and coaches registered with an ASA Middlesex County Affiliated Club and in full time training with a Middlesex Club will be selected.
  5. Split times (for the sake of clarification relay split times) or performances from time trials will not be considered.
  6. Individual Events
  1. The team for the 2018 Sarcelles Swim Meet will be:
  1. Events considered for selection will be Olympic events only (ie NO 50m form strokes apart from 50FS)
  2. Swimmers must have achieved the meet qualifying time where applicable.
  3. All swimmers must swim a minimum of four individual events at the meet for which MCASA will pay.
  4. All swimmers must swim relays if selected. 
  5. Upon selection swimmers may select other events in addition to the four if it is considered by the selection panel to benefit the long term development of the swimmer and at their own expense.
  6. All events entered are subject to approval / discussion with the Head Coach.
  1. Conditions
  1. Swimmers becoming ill or injured at any time will be required to notify the Team Manager or Head Coach and may be requested to undertake a full medical examination which may result in the athlete being released from the team.
  2. Swimmers may be subjected to proving their fitness upon request from Middlesex County ASA
  3. Where a swimmer is withdrawn from the team, by being unable or unwilling to prove their fitness or withdrawing through illness or injury they may, under exceptional circumstances, be replaced by the next eligible swimmer.
  4. Middlesex County ASA will impose a fine of £100 on any swimmer who withdraws from the team for any reason other than illness or injury (as certified by an independent medical advisor approved by Middlesex County ASA). Any swimmer fined shall remain ineligible to represent Middlesex County ASA or to participate in Middlesex County ASA events until such time as the fine has been paid in full.
  5. Swimmers not in full time training in their Middlesex County ASA registered club will be ineligible for selection.
  6.  Any appeals against selections in relation to this Middlesex County ASA selection policy must be made in accordance with the ASA appeals procedures.
  7. Upon selection all swimmers must sign the ASA Middlesex County code of conduct for this meet.
  8. Consideration will be given by the selection panel to any swimmers with exceptional circumstances and fail to meet the selection criteria in 1a.


  1. The MCASA Swimming Committee will appoint the Head Coach, and Team Manager for this Middlesex County ASA team . Other staff will be appointed by the head coach.
  2. Upon selection all staff must sign the Middlesex County ASA County Code of Conduct for this meet.
  3. Coaches must be holders of the Level 3 Coaches Certificate or equivalent, or be enrolled on an ASA Coach Course at time of selection.
  4. All selected team staff must produce a current valid DBS form.


                      The Selection Panel for the Middlesex County ASA 2018  team will consist of the Middlesex County Chief
                      Coach (Allan Thornton) and coaches Bram Montgomery, & Rick Hall and  MCASA swimming  Committee  
                      members Pam Crofts & Andy Woska.  .

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