Beckenham Open Meet - RESULTS

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Urgent Request for Officials

Now that we have published our accepted entries, we really need to know which officials are willing to assist us and in which sessions. Currently we are about 14 short for each session so for this Open to go ahead and meet the licensing guidelines, I urgently need your help in getting these numbers up.

Please send any details of your officials to Jackie Bedford

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​Can all swimmers now make payment for Accepted Entries - for those that have already made payment a refund for any rejected swims will be made in due course.
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Session timings and further information about visiting the London Aquatic Centre will be issued nearer to the event date.
A huge thank you to all Clubs that entered our 125th Anniversary Easter International Open!

Please find below the link to the Accepted Entries for Session 1, where we have our Long Distance events, along with the links to the Reserve List for each event.  As per our Conditions, these events are an Open Age Group event and we are accepting a maximum of 8 heats for the Girls 800m and 4 heats for the boys 1500m.

We would kindly ask all swimmers on the Accepted Entries list to confirm that they intend to swim; if they advise me that they do not intend to swim I can start contacting those on the Reserve List.  Similarly those swimmers on the Reserve List need to confirm that they wish to remain on the list.

Please note if you are have already been accepted for a swim in this Session and then decide not to swim, you will not get a refund.  All those on the Reserve List will get a refund as long as they have told us to take them off the list or they do not get called back in to race.
Session 1 - Accepted Entries
Session 1 - Girls 800m Reserve List
Session 1 - Boys 1500m Reserve List
Acceptances and Rejections for Sessions 2-7 will be issued as soon as possible; huge apologies for the delay but as previously advised, this meet was vastly over-subscribed.

We thank you for your Patience!

Lindsey Davison
Open Meets Secretary, Beckenham SC