County Championships - Time to say Thank You

So the County Championships have finished; and for one I'm looking forward to not haviing to be at Millfield before the sun comes up, for a few weeks now.

For four weekends we have travelled down to Millfield to support our swimmers and the Club, and it's time we acknowledge all those who have provided the support to both our swimmers and the running of the Championships.  So based on everyone I'm aware of who helped out (apologies if I miss anyone). Thank you ....

To our Poolside Coaches - Sanchia, Pat and Kate who between them supported all our swimmers over the weekends to achieve their best

To our Team Managers Jem and Jo who made sure our swimmers were always where they needed to be and helped make our Coaches' job that little bit easier.

To our Officials, where we provided more than any other Club - Darren M, Fiona B, Carolyn C, Giles F, Alison P, Sally J, Keith H, Dave B, James L, Sue M, Nicola S, Sue C, Justin G, Neil G, Nicola M, and myself 

To our Parent Volunteers, who not only filled all of our allocated roles, but who also helped out when other clubs were short - Heather S, Richard S, Jan F, Fran B, Becky B, Nick W, Jayne P, Kim A, Sally F, Claire B, Emma R, Anna E, Liesa P, Paul J and Nicola S

To our Young Volunteers who were great ambassadors for our Club.  Particular thanks to Max Streeter who was there every weekend, well supported by Sophie M,  Erica (who though unable to swim, still volunteered) and Sophie C.

And to all our Parents.  The "Clevedon Bench" was well established thru all Sessions and the noisy support given to our swimmers was second to none.


We have a great Swimming Club and we should be rightly proud of a very successful Championship for all of the Club.

(I hope I have captured everyone's help but if I have missed anyone off this list of thank-you's I do apologise ,I can only blame too many long days at Millfield School, but your support is very much appreciated).