Herts Major League Round 2

Weekend of 24th March saw the Club back at Herts Major League Round 2. We had a team at Hitchin and a second team a Hemel.

There were some great swims and also a few DQs, which Geoff will discuss with the swimmers.

The end result was that the Hitchin team came 2nd in Division 3, just, a very close meet and the Hemel team came 6th in Division 1 against strong opposition. Well done to all our swimmers and I hope they all enjoyed themselves.

Also as usual a very big thank you to all our coaches, officials and volunteers, without whom we could not attend these meets and not forgetting the parent taxi service laugh


Hemel Team

Coaches - Michelle Hewson, Sian MacDonald & Mike Pain (who was able to stay for some of the event)
Officials - Jo Sansom, Yvette Patel, Anna Silsby & Clare Donohoe
Volunteers - Kath Donald, Natalia Moren & Tracey Moren and Brenda & Chris Briers (who were on standby just in case anyone dropped out)

Hitchen Team

Coaches - Jan Stevens (for standing in for Geoff)
Officials - Carolyn MacNab & Mark Strakosch
Volunteers - Alice Stoker, Helen Cadge, Louise Eyles , Mary Lines, Simon Barnes and Cheryll Swarray-Dean (who was also on standby just in case anyone dropped out)


All results have been manually loaded by Geoff so you can view these via your Club accounts.

Dont forget to sign up for Round 3 on 24th March denoting your Availability (please keep this date free if you have said you are availbale) - deadline is end of play Wednesday 28th February - 


Hemel Team Squadron             Hitchin Team Squadron

Christina Soulsby             35.79

Alex Kalverboer                34.57

Ella Nijkamp                     30.36

David Graham                  32.91

Issy Soulsby                     29.86

Louis Armitage                 28.06

Jess Potts                         30.82

Zac Patel                           26.17

                  Total              4:07.53


Eva Lawson                         16.98

Jack Rutherfurd                   16.35

Alex Farnham                      16.20

Sam Baker                          15.47

Laura Geere                       16.06

Ben H-Higgins                    13.02

Molly Baker                        14.13

Peter Lever                        12.20

                     Total      2:00.41 D/Q takeover


Hemel Team Hitchin Team Report