Herts Major League - League Tables

Outlined below are the current tables for the two leagues that we are present in, Division 1 & 3.

As you will see Divison 3 is looking very good and a good posibility of moving up to Division 2 next year yes

The Division 1 team needs a strong performance at Round 3 to ensure it stays in Division 1 for next year, therefore those who have been invited please make every possible effort to attend, otherwise we could be meeting our other team in Division 2. 

​Round 3 Team Confirmation can be found at (please logon first) - https://uk.teamunify.com/EventShow.jsp?returnPage=%2FEventsCurrent.jsp%3Fteam%3Derhbsc&id=694613&team=erhbsc


Division 1 Team
Division 3 Team