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British Championships Day 3

The morning walk was a pleasant 20 minutes stroll with clear roads and the rocky mound of ‘Arthurs Seat’ to the North radiating a sunny Alpen like back drop.  An immediate de-frost on entering the poolside set the energy for day 3.

Oli promoted to the morning heats, was up in the 200m Back. Oli set out well, held his underwater work well to turn under his PB pace at half way, just edging outside this pace down the third 50m.  A strong final 50m saw him achieve an impressive fastest heat and morning swim time of 2.08.82, just shy of his lifetime best.  This earned him the 3rd reserve spot for the 16- 18-year-old Junior final and the third fastest 16 year old at the champs.

It’s been well documented and a very much learned trait in swimming that one must bring with them a swimming costume to race. Jasmine ‘plonker’ McCrea realized she had not taken her skins to the pool, and very conveniently realized this just 30 minutes prior to racing! Thank-fully a kind swimmer lent her some 'Race Skins' and she set of to race, half focused.

The start went well, but the race plan was not held with usual precision with Jasmine qualifying for the junior final in a 28.08 in 5th place.  

Evening Finals

With a full crowd in the Edinburgh arena, Jasmine was pumped and enjoying the energy as she stared down the lane.  The whistle went and it was time to perform.  Her start went through 15m in a best time, the same at 25m in an impressive 12.1secs, leading the pack at this stage, With a higher stroke rate than normal her strokes were slightly shorter so Jasmine breathed earlier than normal in the race.  But with her trademark determination she held her breath for the remainder of the length, this slightly cost the rate (speed of stroke) in the last 7m and Jasmine touched in 27.7 to collect the Junior bronze.  A half second step up from the heat. 

Jacob spent the day having a massage and begrudgingly was pushed through a training session in the afternoon, having to remind himself of the bigger meet pending in 4 weeks- time.   He would return racing in the 100m Fly on Sunday. Kelvin trained and spent time working on what would increase his rate (speed of stroke) in preparation for the 50m Breast-stroke on Sunday.  Jasmine would see her final race on Sunday in the 100m Free.