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Final Instructions for Beckenham Meet at LAC
Entry for swimmers, spectators and coaches will be as follows:
  • Friday 30th March from 4pm
  • Saturday 31st March from 7.15am
  • Sunday 1st April from 7.15am
Please ensure you don't arrive early as the security team will restrict entry before these times.

All access to the building for officials, spectators, swimmers and coaches is through the event doors upstairs.  Officials must be carrying their ASA cards at all times.  Coaches must wear their Poolside Passes at all times.

The venue has an exclusive catering contract with its caterers and will not allow spectators to bring their own food/drink. Spectators may be bag searched and asked to dispose of any food/drink. This is not ideal, but is outside of our control - please ensure your swimmers and spectators are aware of this.

We have agreed with the operators that swimmers can bring their own food. They should take any food through with them. Spectators will not be able to give them food during the event unless purchased on site.

Car parking at the LAC is limited. There are eleven (11) blue badge parking spots and these are on a first come first served basis.  

Officials, Spectators, Swimmers and Coaches should park in Westfield Centre, Stratford. The best car park is car park B.  It should take about ten minutes to walk to the Aquatics centre.

For those of you not familiar with the LAC, it is right next door to the London Stadium where West Ham FC plays its home matches.  There will be a fixture on Saturday 31st March at 3pm.  This usually means a lot of congestion in the area building up to and after the game so please be aware.

Sign In
All events for this gala are SIGN IN.  Sign in will take place on poolside.  

The sign in sheets will reflect the programme so please make sure your swimmers are roughly aware of their position for each event in advance to help speed up the process.  This will be very busy for Sessions 2 & 5. Please impress upon your swimmers that they must sign in with their name and not sign in on behalf of anyone else.

Anyone who has pre-notified me of a withdrawal please note these swimmers will still appear in the programme but they have been crossed-through on the Sign-in Sheets.

For Session 1 we have received a few withdrawals and have replaced these with swimmers on the Reserve Lists so have full heats for each long distance race.  If any of the remaining swimmers on the Reserve Lists wish to now be removed, please can they let me know.

Programmes for all Sessions will be available on our website from Wednesday 28th March. Note that we will not be selling programmes at the Open itself and urge you just to print out what you need.

Spectator Entry
Spectator entry will be by a coded wrist-band and will be charged at £10.00 per day or £4 per session.  Spectators will be charged at the higher rate for each session (£10 if you enter in Sessions 2 & 5, £8 if you enter in Sessions 3 & 6) and refunds will be given accordingly as long as the spectator leaves before the start of the next Session & turns in their wristband. 

There will be no spectator charge for Friday evening / Session 1.   Children under the age of 10 will gain entry free of charge. 

Session Timings

If any officials have yet to advise if they can help us out, please can they email Jackie Bedford.  The meeting point for those of you who have kindly agree to officiate is downstairs in the Creche.

We will be holding a Raffle on the Saturday to raise funds for our swimmers to attend a training camp in Mallorca later this year in October.  We would really appreciate your support with this as we will have some amazing prizes to be won!

Swimzi will be setting up a stall on both the Saturday and Sunday.

We will be issuing a link to live results nearer the time