Senior and Age Group Master Competition - Important Information


Please read carefully NOTE: Session Two is brought forward from the initially advertised times

Dear Colleague –
Thank you for entering the Middlesex County Masters and Senior Age Group Competition. Your support is very much appreciated.
Session times confirmed
Session One Sunday 3rd June warm up 1.00pm start 2.00pm
30 minute break for warm up/warm down followed immediately by
Session Two Sunday 3rd June START NOT BEFORE 4.00pm
Both sessions will be pre-seeded and the heat sheets will be emailed to all competitors.
Session One
Warm up at 1.00pm for a 2.00pm start as advertised
Session Two
Racing will commence approximately 30minutes after the conclusion of session One (Event 6).
Event 7 will not start before 4pm
Programmes will not be available for sale on the day of the Meet but heat sheets will be posted on the poolside for information if you forget to print off your own.
Relays are also seeded by age group but be aware Relays entered “on the day” may be included (events 4 - 6 and 7 - 9).
Relay teams will race in age groups but there might be more than one age group competing in the same heat.
RELAYS “on the day” entries.
Clubs may enter relay teams on the day of the competition by completing a relay team entry form and bringing it to the Meet Office with £12 per team. We need any new relays as soon as possible.
All additional relays by 2.00pm please
Please note the water at the shallow end is 1 metre depth so please ensure you can dive safely into this depth of water from the pool bulkhead. If you are in any doubt, please start in the water.
Regardless of your event, please leave plenty of time to arrive at the pool safely for your swim.
There will be continuous warm up/warm down facilities throughout the day.
As usual, if you are lucky (or talented!) enough to finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in your individual age group medals are awarded. This includes relays.
Unfortunately due to a shortage of available officials we will need to run the competition using only SIX LANES, utilizing lanes 2 – 7 in spearhead formation for all heats. On a positive side, swimmers will benefit from slightly longer rest between swims but each session will not be greatly extended. We anticipate each session to be approximately ninety minutes in duration.
We are still very short of officials for the competition so we would very much appreciate any assistance on the day with timekeepers or better still, J1 judges in training.
If you have a friend or relative willing to help even part of the day, please ask them to come along and report to the conference room or meet management room on the first floor.
Looking forward to seeing you at the competition.
Ian Woollard
Middlesex County ASA Masters