We have managed to secure some new pool time at Station Road.

This pool time will be on Wednesday 6-7pm and will be used for ST3 to give the group more space.  The session will continue to be coached by the outstanding coach Sam!

This move will also see the development of a Regional Performance Squad and a County Performance Squad.  These groups will be made up from C1/C2 and Squad. It is hoped these changes enhance the provision from the club to the swimmers.

The selection criteria will appear on the site over the next 24hours followed by initial swimmer allocations but looks like:

Wednesday night 5-6:30pm (Performance 5-7)

The regional performance group will be comprised of swimmers who have achieved a regional qualifying time in 2018.

The aim of the group is to allow greater opportunity and training time to this and the County Performance group that will also be formed.  This group will run as a joint session with the clubs performance squad where athletes will integrate to allow for more specificity in training.


Selection has been made based on the minimum achievement of a regional qualifying time.

Should the group reach more than 30 swimmers places will be allocated with the highest performing athletes meeting the criteria being selected- Medalists, Finalists, then best event placing.

Swimmers from June 1 will have to show a minimum of 70% attendance and attend a minimum of one morning per week to maintain this place.

It is the intention each month that places will be reviewed against attendance, commitment and the coaches perceived effort of your performance in training.

Discipline will be tightly managed and there is an expectation of performance.


*Your place may be reallocated to another swimmer on the reserve list which is comprised of swimmers who have achieved regional consideration times.

** Should you not wish to take up your place please advise ASAP.

*** The head coach reserves the right for 3 wild card places


Wednesday Night 6:30-8pm

The County performance group will be comprised of swimmers who have achieved a county qualifying time in 2018 or are in C1/C2 trying to achieve one in 2019.

The aim of the group is to provide more opportunity by increasing pool time to support athletes levels of achievement.

There will be a greater age range to the group but there will also be increased specificity to the training with the formation of sprint groups (not for the under 12s), middle distance groups as well as more form stroke specific work.

High performance training and competition performances will be noted and taken into account should spaces be made available after the reserve list has been exhausted into regional performance.


Should the change be successful then we will look to develop the program on a Friday evening as well.

Discipline will be tightly managed,  and there is an expectation of performance.

Should this trial be successful then we will look to develop the group on a Friday evening.