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Dear CSCSC Member,

I’m delighted to write to you with information about returning to the pool and training with the Camden Swiss Cottage Swimming Club from Monday 27 July 2020.

As the CSCSC COVID-19 Lead, I would like to bring your attention to the following, explaining how the Club will operate during the phased return to training and how we will be COVID secure to minimise the risks to coaches, swimmers and the wider community. The information below is relevant at the time of writing and is an ever-evolving situation due to the nature of the pandemic. We thank our membership in advance for their understanding and flexibility should the Club need to make changes as the Swim England guidance evolves and GLL communicate their dynamic review of the re-opening of leisure centres.

The Club requires all swimmers to complete the Swim England Health Survey and Declaration before registering for any training sessions. Please follow the link or copy / paste the website below to complete for each swimmer in your household. The Health Survey and Declaration only needs to be completed once prior to booking your first pool session. The responses will be stored securely and only relevant information will be made available to the coaches to confirm the declaration has been completed. Members will not be allowed to return to swimming without a completed Survey and Declaration.     

Once completed, you can then register you/your swimmer for sessions with their squad. The coaches will soon send out information about you/your swimmer’s squad timetable and a link to register for the sessions available. You must sign up for a training session, no swimmer will be permitted without registering for a session in advance. Each session will operate a waitlist if necessary. Should you/your swimmer be unable to attend, please contact the coach with sufficient notice to ensure another swimmer can fill the space. We understand that it may be disappointing at times due to a restriction to both squad capacity and session times, but coaches will endeavor to priortise waitlisted swimmers, or those that have yet to attend a session, over those that have repeatedly accessed training.

The Club has worked with GLL, to understand how leisure centres will be reopening and how we can safely return to the pool. GLL have provided members with COVID-19 service updates including detailed re-opening leisure centre FAQs. I would strongly advise these FAQs are read in advance of you/your swimmer’s session or indeed before contacting the Club with any queries. GLL aspires to get this re-opening correct for the health of their customers and members. They have assured the Club that all GLL staff will be present and actively monitoring facility areas for cleanliness while actively and frequently cleaning areas to reduce the possibility of any transmission in the centre.

How sessions will operate will be very different initially, please read below the details how the Club is adhering to the processes implemented by GLL and being COVID secure:

  •        You/your swimmer must be registered for a swim session before going to the centre. On arrival, the squad will be met outside the relevant leisure centre, ensuring entrances are not blocked, while remaining socially distanced.
  •       Swimmers are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes before the pool session, and be ‘beach ready’ (swimming costume on under clothes). The squad will be allowed to enter the facility with their coach 10 minutes prior to the pool session. If a swimmer is late, they will not be permitted to enter the facility.
  •        Masks must be worn while in the centre, both before and after the swimming session. Coaches will be allowed to remove their masks while swimming is in session to aid poolside communication.
  •        Parents/Guardians may not enter the facility. Only swimmers will be permitted into the changing rooms. Spectators will not be permitted.
  •        All facilities are operating a one-way system and whilst social distancing measures are important, centre staff and coaches cannot be responsible to repeatedly remind/enforce this guidance. Swimmers should consider wearing a mask to/from training. Masks must be worn in the facility and everyone must adhere to social distancing measures to mitigate risk of transmission.
  •       Swimmers (with their coach) will enter poolside with their clothes on and swim bag/kit with them. GLL are providing storage for personal items and bags poolside. Water fountains may not be available so swimmers must bring a filled water bottle with them. The poolside will also operate a one-way system so coaches can instruct swimmers of lane allocation on the day.
  •       There is no opportunity for pre-pool so swimmers will not be on the pool deck doing dryland activities. Swimmers will promptly enter the water using both ends of the lanes. There will be a reduced number of swimmers per lane to enable social distancing during rest periods. Coaches will advise how swimmers are to prepare pre/post pool and how they will socially distance in the water.
  •       At the end of the session, swimmers will exit the water and follow the poolside one-way system to collect their belongings and enter the changing rooms. The Club will aim to send small groups at a time into the changing rooms to allow proper social distancing, but it is the responsibility of the swimmers to maintain their social distance. We strongly advise swimmers not to shower until they get home, to reduce the time spent in the changing rooms. Swimmers must change quickly to enable others to enter the changing room.
  •        As a squad, the group will then be able to exit the venue following the one-way system of the leisure centre. Younger swimmers will be escorted by a coach to the meeting point (this will be communicated by the coach in advance of the first session) for parents to collect.

    It is worth noting, there will be no members of the public sharing the pool with our swimmers during Phase 1. All members will have to follow the same one-way system the Club is adhering to.

o    If you/your swimmer has a morning training session, there will be members of the public accessing the pool after the session but no one will be in the changing room.

o    If you/your swimmer has an evening training session, there will be members of the public in the pool when swimmers access the poolside and there may be members of the public accessing the pool after the session. Again, no one will be in the changing room.

What you need to do:

  1.       Complete the Health Survey & Declaration
  2.       Wait for your coach to email your squad timetable with a link to book sessions.
  3.       Review the GLL Frequently Asked Questions and Club processes that ensure the Club is COVID secure. Please educate your swimmer of the expectations they need to adhere to, especially the social distancing and mask guidance.

As the COVID-19 Lead for CSCSC, I am regularly working with GLL, in line with Swim England guidance, to ensure the Club is COVID secure. We have a dynamic plan with GLL to phase our return to the pool including the Club’s COVID-19 Risk Assessment, which is accessed by all coaches and will be evolving as COVID Liaisons (coaches) deliver pool sessions. Whist I am working from home, I will not be onsite to answer questions or meet regarding our return to the pool, please know that any questions or concerns you may have about returning to the pool will be welcomed and addressed by email (see below). 

Krista Bibbings
Office Manager & COVID-19 Lead

Camden Swiss Cottage Swimming Club

[email protected]