Herts Aquatics 50m Pool

Herts Aquatics recently announced the location and further details of the proposed 50m pool.

Location: Oakland College St Albans AL4 0JA, 29 miles from Berkhamsted Leisure Centre

The primary focus of the 50m pool will be to provide Herts Clubs a pool they can use for training and competitions.

At present there is still a long way to go, discussions with the Council, finalising plans and build etc.

Current plans outline that the build hopefully will commence in 2022 and finish in 2024.

Below are the presentation and plans for the pool.

Information Deck Plans


Herts Clubs have been asked to outline their commitment to taking up sessions, the Club have responded as follows and why;

  • Distance is a potential issue for us especially when we would be looking to travel early evening.
  • We have therefore asked for two sessions from 18:30 for 1.5 hours during the week and an early morning session over the weekend.
  • Later times would mean late evenings for our swimmers.
  • We are most likely going to add these weekly sessions as part of the usual group sessions but host at the new pool, most likely for the older groups.
  • We are very keen to utilise the facilities of a 50m pool and giving the opportunity for those who want to swim in a 50m pool.

As the plans develop, we will update this page accordingly.

Useful Links

Twitter - https://twitter.com/herts50mpool

Website - https://www.hertsaquatics.org.uk/