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Hi team CMK,

Just an update from me on our first few weeks and our next few.

Many swimmers have returned positively. P squads have completed Efficiency tests which are sub maximal efforts focusing on skill. CD and Ag squads have had a more skill based start and are showing signs of increased strength from lockdown 3 and better movement patterns. Development squads are busy and fun with man youngsters happy to have got back in even for the first time in months.

I’d still expect us to need a little more time to back to our full training volumes and best performances, some patience is required and an ‘enjoyment of the journey” back.

Competition planning
We feel swimmers are ready for informal in house competition in the next few days and more formal level X or Junior Lge  events are pencilled in for mid May. Details will follow separately. In further news it is proposed that a senior (16&over) regional champs event will take place in Wycombe on 24th and 25th July. A 13-15yrs meet is planned for K2 on 31st July and 1st August. I expect you have a lot of questions but I am still working through what this will mean for us regarding preparation and qualification but wanted to share dates at the earliest opportunity.

COVID protocols update
Swimmers in all groups may now  bring in fins to training . If swimmers don’t bring them it may mean they have to swim with lower groups, so please have them in your bags.

We continue to maintain social distancing and are using  a different lane organisation  which will support greater numbers, more varied distance repeats and also allow swimmers to push off and finish at the wall. Swimmers continue to need to know their swim spots as we will still be starting in the same way.

Bank holiday cancellations
Wolverton and Leon pools are closed for bank holidays in May. These sessions are therefore cancelled. Stantonbury is on as normal.
Chlorine issues at Stantonbury 
We have met with Stantonbury today. Following this they are putting in actions to reduce the issues we are having with chlorine levels overnight. This has affected 3 mornings recently and they apologise for this issue. Once set up correctly we expect the new automated kit to be better than in the past. I expect this issue to be better in the coming days too as there is more late evening/ early morning supervision provided. 
Squad reviews
There are some minor squad changes on 1st May. Swimmers will be contacted ASAP if there are any changes. A greater update is expected on 1st June. These reflect over 18s returning mid month and changes to swimmer attendance.
Thank you
I would like to thank swimmers and parents for the amazing support we have received getting through this last few months and getting going again. If you have concerns or questions about what we are doing please get in touch with your group lead coach (P&CD Greg, Ag Hannah, MS and AC Laura).
Kind regards,
Greg Buck