Medway Championships

Medway Championships

The Medway Championships are back! Please see below information about the upcoming galas:

Gala 1 Boys 200 I.M HDW   Gala 1 Booking is 5.30pm to 9.00pm    
Girls 400 Free HDW   Mote Pk  Sat 4th Sept    
Ma(M) 50 Br  HDW     WU 5.30pm    
Ma(F) 50 Br HDW     Start 6.15pm    
Boys Breast*     End 8.47pm    
Girls Back*        
Boys Br Finals        
Girls Ba Finals        
Gala 2 Boys 200Fr HDW   Gala 2 Booking is 2pm - 5.30pm     
Girls 200Fr HDW   Medway Pk  Sat 2nd Oct    
Ma(M) 50 Fly HDW     WU 2.15pm    
Ma(F) 50 Fly HDW     Start 3pm     
Boys Back*     End 5.26pm    
Girls Breast*        
Boys Ba Finals        
Girls Br Finals        
Gala 3 Girl 200 I.M HDW   Gala 3 and 4 Booking is 10am - 5pm    
Boys 400 Free HDW   Medway Pk Sunday 14th Nov    
Ma(F) 50 Fr HDW     WU 10.30am    
Ma(M) 50 Fr HDW     Start 11.15am    
Girls Free*     End 1.33pm    
Boys Fly*          
Girls Fr Finals          
Boys Fly Finals          
Gala 4 Boys 100m IM HDW     WU 1:45pm    
Girls 100m IM HDW     Start 2.30pm    
Ma(M) 50 Ba HDW     End 4.36pm    
Ma(F) 50 Ba HDW          
Boys Free*          
Girls Fly*          
Boys Fr Finals          
Girls Fly  Finals          


Entries are £4 per event

Currently only accepting entries for Gala 1, the deadline for these is August 21st.

Masters events are 19-24 and 25 plus but they swim together

Age groups are 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16+ age at 31/12/2021

The top 6 from each of the age group finals are awarded with a medal unless DQ in the final itself

*100m except, the 10yrs swim 50m in all strokes and 11yrs swim 50m in fly

For 100m (7 heats) & 200m IM (6 heats), 200Fr (4 heats) and 400Fr (3 heats) entries are restricted to the fatest swimmers on entry times, irrespective of age.