COVID Restrictions: UPDATE


As you are all aware, the COVID restrictions are due to be lifted in England as of 19th July. However, as a club we have decided to maintain our stance and keep all our COVID rules and restrictions in place , which is in line with Swim England guidance, until we break up for the summer on 9th August. This means that all swimmers will still be required to:

  • Wear their facemasks/coverings while they are queuing up to enter the Bury/Culford/ Haverhill Centres, while they are in the buildings and when they finish their session as they are leaving the venues, as they currently are doing.
  • Have their temperatures checked before they enter the pool area
  • Sanitise hands before entering the pool area and leaving the pool
  • Maintain social distancing (2m where possible or at least 1m+) at all times
The same rules apply to COVID liaison officers and the duties will remain the same through to the summer break.
Any swimmer who is reluctant to follow the rules will be sent home as we do not want to jeopardise all the hard work everyone has been putting in to keep our swimmers, coaches and volunteers safe for the past 16 or so months. We do appreciate your continued support during these unprecedented times.
We would also like to kindly remind the parents that if their swimmers test positive or self-isolating, Dan or the COVID team should be informed with the information when they tested positive (in the case of self-isolation when they started) and when they were at training last. This information will help us to determine when those swimmers can return to training.
On a final note, for clarification and confirmation; all COVID rules and restrictions will be maintained at our next Level X (R3) coming up this weekend at the Bury Leisure Centre.
We would again like to thank all our swimmers, coaches and volunteers for their hard work and time.