New Season Entry To Swim Sessions


Hi all, 

As the country heads into the removal of restrictions we have reviewed the entry procedure to our sessions with 1610. 
When we return swimmers will make their own way onto the poolside and wait for the session to start. 
Small Pool
Swimmers will enter the poolside through the turnstile and wait on the benches in front of the windows on the left hand side. Parents should bring their children into the centre and let their children through using the barcode scan issued to us by 1610, if the child has a mobile device they can have that and let themselves in but parents should still be with them until they are safely through the turnstile. Parents must not enter the poolside and must not use the fire exit that we used previously.  
The barcode and instructions are at the bottom of this email. 
Swimmers should arrive at least 5 minutes before the session starts and remain seated until collected by the coach. 
Main Pool
Junior Development Squad
Swimmers  should not enter the building until a coach has arrived, they will be the first squad into training and the sessions will overlap public sessions. We will be allowed in 10 minutes before the sessions starts allowing them to do a pre-pool warm up. This applies to Friday & Sunday at Dorchester with instructions for the Bridport session being delivered at the first sessions by Tina. 
Junior Performace Squad
Swimmers should  arrive 15 minutes before the session starts, they should be letting themselves through the turnstile using the barcode we have issued, they  should not be constantly asking the staff to let them in  or climbing under it. If you have a child that struggles with this please let us know. 
Swimmers should complete the Swim England pre-pool warm-up, we have attached the videos to support them and we would ask that you make sure they have viewed and practiced these at home before coming to sessions. 
Senior Performace Squad
The same process as described for JPS. Please make sure they have the barcode to enter the building as Colin expects his squad to be getting it right and setting an example for others. 
Pre-Pool Warm Up - RMAP
Barcode entry process
Download the Stocard app. Select 'add card'. Select 'other card'. Scan the barcode (attached). 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know. 
Jo Ray
Club Secretary
West Dorset Swimming Club
Dorchester Sports Centre, Coburg Road, Dorchester,
Dorset, DT1 2HR

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