Caradon Swimming Club - online shop now open!

With the start of the new swimming season and our new training programme starting tonight we are  excited once again to announce the launch of the Caradon online shop through Swimzi with some new additions. This is now live and ready to order from, and will close on 12th September 2021. Its a short order time but this is to guarantee items for christmas.

Ideally, we would like every swimmer to have as a minimum a swim hat and a swim shirt.

All items except swim hats will be sent to your customer address. Swim Hats will be sent directly to the club for onward distribution roughly 4 weeks from shop closure.

The following items will be delivered late-October: [Shirts, Sports Shorts, Polyester Hotpants, Swimsuits, Jammers, Trunks, Towels, Rucksacks].

If your order contains one of the following items, your order will be delivered late-November: [Swimzi’s (onesie), Sweat Pullover & Sweat Zipped Hoodies]

If for example you would like to order both a shirt and a sweatwear item but need your shirt ASAP, we advise placing 2 separate orders.


Our shop is now ready to go: So take a look now.....