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Training changes wc 1st Dec


Due to competitions and preparation phase, the following sessions are adjusted next week:
Weds 1st Dec AM at Sta CANCELLED 
(all Pm sessions as normal)
Thurs 2nd Dec AM at Sta CANCELLED 
(May be held for Winter National swimmers on strict agreement with Greg)
Thurs 2nd Dec PM:
Sta 4-5.20pm: Ag1, Ag2, Ag3, CD
Leon is CANCELLED (train at Ble instead to allow for starts and turns….) 
Ble 6.30-8pm: Pe, Snr, P1a
Ble 7-8.30pm: P1b, P2b, AgP 
Fri 3rd Dec AM at Sta CANCELLED
Fri 3rd Dec PM:
4.30-5.15 : CD, P2b, others on agreement only with Hannah 
5.15-6pm: Pe, Snr, P1a, P1b
Sat 4th Dec AM at Sta CANCELLED
Sun 5th Dec PM at Sta for AG1-3, CD and P CANCELLED
(Academy1&2 and AG4 train as normal)
Mon 6th Dec AM at Sta CANCELLED