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National Chlorine Shortage


Hi all, I wanted to make you all aware of national chlorine shortage that may or may not impact our club. There are limited supplies in the UK at the moment and some centres elsewhere have already had short term closures of a few days. What we are doing: 1. Liaising with our current pool providers to understand and support issues. Swimmers need to shower before entering the pool. 2. Widening our pool provider contacts just in case. Developing an S&C program just in case. 3. Liaising with Swim England talent and facilities to gain support and advice. 4. Ensuring endurance blocks of training whilst able to. 5. Liaising with other clubs too. This may be an ongoing situation for a few months with occasional interruptions nationwide. Just wanted you all to be aware and to let you know we are considering a range of options. Kind regards,

Greg Buck Head Coach .