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Results Roundup - Peanuts league 2022

A great write up of the first 2 rounds of Peanuts by our Head Coach, Johnny...

Round 1 at Hemel May 14th
Huge congratulations to our fabulous Peanuts team who have got off to a brilliant start in Rounds 1 and 2 - after a very close-fought win in R1 at Hemel, we then came 2nd to Hemel in R2, leaving the team top of the league table after the first 2 rounds, a wonderful surprise given that we are a much smaller club than the clubs below us - a great testament to everyone's hard work and it really shows that if we work as a team in training every day that amazing team results can follow
There were lots of nerves and excitement in the build-up to R1, so when 2 of our courageous 9yo's (Cora and Sam) got the racing started with a 3rd (22.71s) and 2nd (22.57s) in their 25m butterfly, the team really settled down and showed off all the skills they've practised so hard in training - Miabelle Bradley got the team's first win swimming 50bk in 41.09s, and when her sister Giselle won the 9yo 25m bk (21.38s) - there were huge cheers when the announcer said the team was coming 2nd on the night.  
Its a very encouraging sign when we succeed in relay races as strength in depth is key to our future success - winning the mixed 4x25 relay was a big confidence boost, and a later win in the 9-10yo mixed relay showed how well our junior swimmers can race across all strokes.  
Further individual wins included a fantastic 25m br from Freya Morton (23.08s), a big PB for Evie Butterworth in 39.35s (50 fly) and lots of close 2nds from Sam Alcraft, Jake Nell, Elsie Preston, Lizzie Barnett, Maya Macgregor and Cora Butterworth.  But the real strength of the team shone through in every single swimmer doing everything they possibly could to win that extra one point for the team by pushing right to the wall to come 4th rather than 5th, 3rd rather than 4th...
By the time we reached the final squadron race it was clear that the top 4 clubs were very close on points - and what a race to finish!  Tring took the lead on the first length with a flying start from Miabelle, then the fastest freestylers from each age group took over - the noise level built to ear-busting levels and by the time Seth Busby flew down the last length the team was nearly a full length ahead of the 2nd place team to win in a very fast 2m22.60.  Lots of excited faces around the pool as we waited for the final scores - then the noise went through the roof yet again when the narrowest of 2point victories was announced over neighbours Berkhamsted, with Hemel just a further 5points behind - the best illustration if one was ever needed that every point really does count.  Every single team member had contributed points to an amazing surprise victory!
Swimmers of the night;
Girls:    Giselle Bradley
Boys:   Sam Alcraft
Round 2 at Borehamwood June 11th
Another storming start from our flying 9year olds in round 2, as Giselle Bradley came a narrow 2nd in 22.15s and then Jake Nell flew to a big win in 21.00s.  More 9yo wins came later - Cora Butterworth winning 25m Bk in 23.47s, Elsie Preston winning 25m Br in 27.80s and then a brilliant first win from Ollie Doe in 31.20s, rounded off with 2 freestyle wins from Giselle in 19.50s and Jake in 18.53s.  Massive well done to the 9yos who are working very hard in training and making brilliant progress.  
A special mention to Jake and Ollie who both had a very exhausting night swimming up in higher age groups across multiple strokes - both got stuck in without complaint against much bigger swimmers and still managed to gain lots of points for the team.  Also a mention to debutant Bel de Vries - Bel swam multiple strokes in various races and won lots of points for the team.  
Another thrilling night with amazing team spirit - its very noticeable that our team really are unique and stand out in a brilliant way in every gala.  We make the most noise in supporting teammates, we are the one team that warms up poolside together (thanks v to our fab poolside supporters Evie, Pippa, Morgan, Josh), the one team with a team chant (thanks to a very creative trio - Evie, Maya, Pippa!), and its particularly lovely to see the whole team stay poolside together waiting for the final results, regardless of where we might finish
As it turned out we were a very strong 2nd on the night to a powerful Hemel team, and it felt like our team cheer for 2nd was even louder than the Hemel team's victory cheer.
A massive well done from me to everyone - swimmers, parents, coaches, supporters - Peanuts has always been fun but this year, particularly after such a difficult 2 years for everyone, has been really special.
Swimmers of the night;
Girls:    Elsie Preston
Boys:   Jake Nell
Roll on Round 3 on July 2nd, team to be announced shortly - R1&2 results and latest league table attached EmojiEmojiEmoji