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Summer schedule 2022

Hi all, 

What a great season so far, with our end of cycle meets yet to come. As with our normal summer plan we will continue to offer training but at a reduced amounts.  

***Mornings incl Sat, Land training, Leon and Luton sessions cease over summer holidays***

Starting from and including Thursday 21st July until further notice. Wolverton, Bletchley and Pm sessions at Stantonbury remain. 

***Swimmers must have 2 weeks away from training***

This supports growth and a mental break. It can be split in two and normally incorporates family holidays. 

CHANGES TO SCHEDULE from Thurs 21/7…. 

Thursday (no AM or Leon) from 21/7Ag2 attend 4-5.30pm at Sta CD attend 6.45-8.30pm at Ble (Ag3b do Tues to replace lost Leon session) All other PM sessions unchanged 

Friday (no AM or land training) from 22/7

AgP attend 6-7pm at Sta and
Ag1&Ag2&Ag4 attend 4-5pm at Sta
No land training
All other PM sessions unchanged 


Saturday (no training) from 23/7
(Additional training offered to these groups in the week) 

Sunday (no Land training, no Luton) from 24/7
Luton swimmers train 5-7pm at Sta 
Land training cancelled
All other sessions unchanged 


Monday (no AM or Leon) from 25/7

P2 & AgP attend 5.20-7.20pm Sta
CD & Ag1 attend 7.20-8.20pm Sta
All other PM sessions unchanged 

Tuesday (no AM) from 26/7

AgP attend 5-7pm Sta 
Ag1 & Ag3b attend 4-5pm Sta
No zoom land training
All other PM sessions unchanged 


Wednesday (no AM or Leon) from 27/7

P2 & AgP attend 6-8pm Sta
(Ag1 do Tues Pm, Ag4 do Fri Pm to replace lost Weds at Leon - see notes)
All other PM sessions unchanged 

Content will change in the summer with more emphasis on drills and team unity. Swimmers also need to be flexible to lanes positioning : squad lane groups are less likely.