Calling Volunteers - Timekeeper Information 2023

Hands up who would love to be poolside and help at our Club Champs.....

We would love to increase our team of Officials ready for our Club Championships in October and November. If you complete the online timekeepers course, we can aim to get you passed at the City of Plymouths ready for our own event or passed at day 1 of our club champs if the city of plymouth doesnt quite work.

See below for info..... or drop me a message if your interested, thanks Alex email - [email protected]

Officials - If anyone is interested in becoming a Timekeeper to help, you are requred initially to carry out a 1 hour online timekeepers course before coming poolside, all being well, you will pass first time!!!

Please take a look at the link below and you can contact either myself or our officials co-ordinator, Tracy Atkin on [email protected]. The course costs £5 and the club will reimburse you