Lis Hartley Meet @ K2 Crawley
This past weekend we had our first Meet of the season; the Lis Hartley Level 3 Open Meet at K2 Crawley. It was a tough meet with 25m conversion times making it super hard to PB in the 50m pool, so well done to each and every swimmer. Commitment & hard work wins though!
We also want to give special thanks to our Head Coach Louise and Coach Kieran for spending 2 incredibly long days at poolside supporting our swimmers as well our superb Team Managers Elaine, Sandra and our newest recruit Djamila who covered both days for all sessions - amazing effort! Finally, thank you to our officials who also went along to help make the gala run smoothly.
If you have any interest in becoming a Team Manager and helping on poolside rather than sitting in the spectator gallery, please do get in touch by email: [email protected]
Holly A … 2xBronze! >I >I
Oliver ... Nice PB 50 Free! =L<ü
Liv ... 3 out of 3 PBs! =¥ =L<ü
Anton ... 1xSilver, 1xBronze & 6xPBs!! >H >I
Olha ... 5xPBs! =L<ü
Ciaran ... 6th place in 200 Free =L<ü
Bendeguz ... 1xBronze & nice PB on 200 Breast >I
Mia G ... 1xBronze >I
Michael ... 3xPBs =L<ü
Victoria ... Nice PB 50 Fly =L<ü
Dan K ... 1xGold, 1xSilver, 2xBronze & 5 out of 5 PBs!! >G >H >I >I =¥
Alfie ... 1xSilver & 1xBronze >H >I
Dan L ... 1xBronze >I
Thomas ... Nice PB 100 Back =L<ü
Benjamin ... Nice PB 50 Free =L<ü
Victoria M ... 5 Super PBs =L<ü
Aidan ... 1xSilver, 1xBronze & 7xPBs >H >I
Caitlyn ... Nice PB 100 Free =L<ü
River ... Nice PB 50 Breast =L<ü
Jessica ... 5 out of 5 PBs!! =L<ü =¥
Holly S ... 4 Super PBs =L<ü
Vlad ... 8 out of 8 PBs!! =L<ü =¥
Gabriel ... 6th place in 400 Free =L<ü
Rosie ... 3 super PBs =L<ü
Sean ... 3 out of 3 PBs!! =L<ü =¥
Kiara ... 5 super PBs =L<ü
Megan ... 1xGold, 2xBronze & 5xPBs >G >I >I
Ethan ... 3 super PBs =L<ü
Karolis ... 3 super PBs =L<ü