2024 Swim England Fees: RENEWAL

We are making changes to the way we process the Swim England renewals this year.

You will be able to renew and pay online,

Renewals need to be completed by the 31st December 2023

You will need to:

  • Check you registration details:
  • Confirm acceptance of the Codes of Conduct
  • Confirm swimmers renewing for 2024
  • Select Club Compete or Club Train options for each swimmer


Club Compete  - £42.20 - Swimmers must be registered as Club Compete if they wish to compete in any open competition, including external open meets, County Developments, Counties, Regionals and Nationals


Club Train - £16.85 - for those swimmers that haven't reached the age of 9 and those swimmers that do not wish to compete in open competition.

There is a £1 per swimmer admin charge.

The registration process is simple and takes only a few minutes.

You will be requested to pay for your Swim England Fees during the last step of the registration process. 

Electronic Registration is now open!

If you are a new member after registering you will have access to your own private account and this is your one-stop-shop for maintaining your contact information, declaring for swim meets, signing up for jobs, interactively tracking your kids times, and much more.  Renewing members should already have access to their own private account.

Just click on the link below and you be brought directly to the registration page on our team's website.

When you log in please use your existing account, do not create a new account.

The user name is your email address (parent account) - the same login details you use to register for galas.

if you can't remember your password we can send you a password reset email. Any queries please contact either [email protected] or [email protected]

The West Suffolk Swimming Club Administrators