Congratulations to our 2023 Victor Ludorum Winners

Victor Ludorum Winners 2023

Many congratulations to our Victor Ludorum winners for the period January 2023 - December 2023 (inclusive).

Victor Ludorum points are awarded to the fastest swimmers in each age group for times achieved in each stroke across all Licensed Meets throughout the period January-December 2023.  Swimmers are only awarded points where they have competed for Kingston Royals.  A single point is awarded to the 10th fastest swimmer in each age group plus to all those who participated in that event at a Licensed Meet during 2023.

The Victor Ludoum winners in each age group for 2023 are as follows:-

Age Group

Girl Boy
9 Years & Under Martha Garrett James Lam
10 Years Emmeline Eales Alexander Brown
11 Years Holly Haldane Oliver Dorey
12 Years Lucia Williams Nathan Han
13 Years Emilia Russell Richie Luo
14  Years Poppy Leon Soon Noah Pool
15 Years Poppy Joyce Janik Buchbinder
16 Years No Swimmers Jonas Buchbinder
17 Years & Over Caitlin Trevor No Swimmers


A Victor Ludorum trophy will be presented and a photo taken of each winner for the website in due course. 

A breakdown of the results can be viewed here:-

Boys Victor Ludorum Results 2023

Girls Victor Ludorum Results 2023

Hard copies of the results will also be posted on the KRSC Noticeboard at New Malden shortly.

Once again, a huge well done to all our 2023 winners!