Mark & Owen at Marlow Classic Open Water June 18

At the Marlow Classic River Swims on the Sunday, Owen Strakosch was competing in his first ever Open Water swim. After the frantic fracas of the Mass Start, Owen found himself at the head of affairs in the 1.5km race. There was some confusion about where the race finished with Owen having been told it was as you came out of the water which he did first, but with a 100m run to where the reception committee were waiting. Another athlete overtook Owen as he meandered to this point but they were awarded equal first at the end of the day and Owen was delighted with his 21:09.

Mark Strakosck was taking part in the 3km swim and managed to place 3rd male and first in his age group with a fantastic 43:57. Both athletes have their next race on Thursday and Denham lake and continue to enjoy the Open Water season.

​Well done gents.