Summary of Extraordinary General Meeting For Herts League

On Monday 9th July 18 Herts League ( organisers of Peanuts & Herts Major League) called an Extraordinary General Meeting for which we attended.

The purpose of this meeting was for members ( Herts Swimming Clubs) to discuss a number of options that had been put forward by the Committee to address impending issues.


From a BSC perspective for Peanuts, we made the decision this year to put two teams in as we have been trying to resolve a number of requests from parents where their swimmers were not getting the opportunity to swim in the team as we only had one team.

  • However take-up has been poor both in respect of getting prompt availability and confirmation of team places, as well as enough swimmers to fill both teams.
  • This has resulted in the Green team only putting out 80% of a team and the Silver team only putting out 37%. This is very demoralising for those swimmers who do turn up, because for every race where we do not put in the right swimmer, we are penalised and this adversely affects the score and the ability for the team to achieve a placing relevant to their ability.


The issues raised by Herts League were as follows;

  1. Pool hire is increasing
  2. Clubs submitting teams are decreasing
  3. Both of which result impending income not covering costs
  4. Reducing availability of pool time

There were a number of options on the table as examples of where changes could be made to redefine the leagues, worst case being they are stopped completely.

Various options and positions were discussed and members voted on the key elements.

In summary the membership agreed the following based on a majority vote, these will now be raised at the AGM in October prior to finalising these within the League rules.


  1. Members want both Peanuts & Herts Major League to continue in the same format
  2. General consensus was that these were an ideal opportunity for Clubs to put swimmers in as Club teams and compete in a friendly environment against a diversity of Clubs, normally first instance for most swimmers to compete
  3. For most the aim was to provide the ability to compete as part of a team with little concern over placings, but more for giving young swimmers a chance to compete as part of a team
  4. Education was also required in respect of the format of the league with some parents unaware that this as a team event and therefore their swimmer would not be competing in a lot of races, but would contribute to the whole team effort and result, there is too much focus on the individual not the team
  5. Timings of the leagues to remain the same Herts Major in Spring (Jan to Mar) and Peanuts in Summer (May to July)
  6. Current rules define the structure of the respective divisions, it was agreed that Division 1 would be at least 12 teams and the subsequent divisions would be at the discretion of the League Committee based on the number of Clubs entering
  7. The meets will NOT be licensed, these were primarily agreed as this would then detract from a team meet to individual swims and with the added issue of swimmers not being able to pick the events they wished to swim in
  8. The team cost for each meet will now be £100 per team per season per league (for Peanuts raised from £40 which has been at this level for quite some time)
  9. There was some discussion of increasing to circa £400 and removing at the entry fee (which is £4), however at present it was felt this would penalise the smaller clubs. This was discussed as some parents had complained about having to pay at the door.
  10. There will be no further printing of programmes, these will be provided online for all to print prior to the meet
  11. Raffle, it was agreed that the hosting club could run a raffle and the takings would then be kept by the hosting club as a form of fund raising

There were also discussions on the timing of the meets. Pools are now reducing the time available to Clubs and organising groups, to hold competitions as well as training, this is compounded with the limited number of 8 lane pools available in Herts, which  makes it very difficult to book a meet at a reasonable time.

Identified as an issue by some Clubs was when the events are scheduled during holiday times, this again was significantly limited to pool availability, but was noted.


The BSC Committee will be reviewing the number of teams for Herts Major and Peanuts prior to our submission in October for the 2019 season, we will only submit two teams if we really feel that BSC members will support this.

​If you have any feedback on this, please fee free to email Steve Moren BSC Chair at



Herts League AGM – 9th Oct @ 20:00


  • Herts Major League Round 1 – 5th Jan
  • Herts Major League Round 2 – 23rd Feb
  • Herts Major League Round 3 – 23rd Mar


  • Peanuts Round 1 – 4th May
  • Peanuts Round 2 – 8th June
  • Peanuts Round 6 – 6th July