Jose Suarez - Lead Strength and Conditioning (Land) Coach


Jose Suarez


First Class Hons Sports Science
NASM fitness qualifications
Sports therapy/dry needling diplomas.

Years in Swimming:

3 years at Rushmoor Royals

Why did you get into coaching?

Jose started coaching to help athletes improve in their sports and reduce their risk of injury. He had seen too many young athletes coming for therapy from overuse injuries. The majority of these were the result of poor control and insufficient stability/mobility throughout basic movement patterns . Jose’s aim at Rushmoor is to help build resilient and accomplished movers/athletes who are able to transfer their athleticism into the pool. Building this strong foundation is absolutely essential for longevity and success in any sport

Background/List of achievements past and present:

In addition to working with Rushmoor Royals Jose has also coached national and international junior/youth champions in judo and tennis. His therapy clients have also included international athletes and foreign royalty.

Greatest achievement in swimming/coaching:

Helped produce a national 200m fly champion in his first season working in swimming.

Favourite set:

Power development sets up in the gym for the senior athletes

Most important piece of advice to a swimmer:

"Every competition and training session is an opportunity to learn and develop, even if you lose or fail to hit a desired outcome."

Other interests/hobbies:

"My crazy daughter and son! Fixing things, machines are way more straight forward than humans...."