Otters News 2


Evening Everyone


It's been a busy half term for coaches, team managers and swimmers of Chalfont Otters with two major overseas trips having taken place. 


Fourteen swimmers, one coach and three team managers (parents) had four days on Jersey competing at the Level 2 and Level 3 Jersey Tigers Meet:-

Katie Selby (14), Edina George (12), Kristi Vafiadis (12), Xavier Currill (12), Luke McGarvie (12), Tom Shuttle (12), Shanil Vora (12), Oliver McDowell (12), Zoe Holligan (11), Freddie Lucas (11), Libby Button (11), Izzy Bach (11), Zara Holligan (10) and Victoria Daley (10).  There were many highlights over the four days both in and out of the pool:-

  • Everyone achieved at least one PB
  • 68 PB's in total
  • 10 new County times - 1 for Kristi, Zara, Victoria, Izzy, Freddie, Shanil and 4 for Edina George
  • 7 Gold medals - Izzy (200IM), Freddie (100BK), Victoria (50FLY), Zoe (50FC) and 3 for Libby (50, 100, 200BK)
  • 14 Silver medals - Izzy 2, Victoria 2, Freddie 2, Kristi 1, Zoe 4 and Libby 3
  • 8 Bronze medals - Zara 1, Freddie 1, Victoria 3, Zoe 2, Libby 1
  • We took 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Girls 10/11 50FLY and 50BK
  • Libby took 1st in 50, 100 and 200BK (Sadie Lucas was the last Otter to do this at Jersey)
  • Top 10yr old girl was Victoria
  • Everyone enjoyed The Flow Rider Surf Board session

Meanwhile on Sunday thirteen swimmers flew off to Cyprus with fourteen Chesham swimmers for a joint six day training camp and boy did they work hard!! In total they had 12 sessions in the 50m pool, 2hrs in the morning and another 2hrs in the evening, along with land training, gym and stretching sessions. In total they swam 65km - no mean feat. Looking forward to seeing all the hard work pay off with PB's over the next few months.


A huge thank you to all the coaches and parents who helped make these trips achievable - all the children had a brilliant time, developed existing friendships, built new friendships and learnt more about themselves in and out of the pool. Well done to all the swimmers giving it 100%.


If you want to see more photo's and video's then go on the Otters Twitter account on our website - particularly recommend the Chalfont version of the Iceland chant by the Jersey swimmers!


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That's all folks!