County Champs 2018 REPORT

Success for Maxwell at Oxford and North Buckinghamshire County Championships
Distance Meet

On Sunday 7th and 14th of January 2018 Maxwell swimmers took part in Oxford and North Buckinghamshire (ONB) County Championships Distance Meet. It was a very successful for Maxwell and the swimmers which many personal bests so close to the new year.

On Sunday the 7th the ONB County Championships started off with the boys 1500m Freestyle. Within this event Maxwell had approximately 25% of the swims. All the boys were near or under their personal bests but there were some amazing swims including a 46second personal best by James Crawford. Equally, Josh Weston with a 16second personal best for 10th place overall. Kenji McDade achieved a 21second personal best to gain the Junior Champion and 6th overall. There was a great final heat involving Billy Martin which for the whole race the top 3 swimmers all were fighting for first place. Billy Martin managed to come away with the win and a Championship Record time of 15:53.92 and Senior winner.

The next session was the girls 800m Freestyle. Again Maxwell had 20% of the entries into this event. Many of the girls were around or under their personal bests. A few stand out swims were from Imogen Walton, Gracie Hudson, and Charlotte Downing who all went under 10minutes for the first time. There were also massive personal bests from Sophie Govan, Emma Whincup and Megan Pirrie. Megan Pirrie also finished 4th overall and only 4seconds from 3rd place.

The last session of the first day was the 11/12years and 13/14years Boys relay. This session started off with the 11/12years 200m Individual Medley where the B and A teams managed to beat their entry times with the A team finishing 2nd overall. The team consisted of Charlie Toms, Matthew ReadHead, Jake Chesworth, and Kian MacNab. Next was the 13/14years 200m Individual Medley where the B team were just off entry time but the A team was under their entry time to finish 2nd overall. The team consisted of Sean Richards, Lewis Baybutt, Joshua Weston, and Jamie Prince. The good results continued with the 11/12years with the B team just off time and A team under to finish 4th overall. The 13/14years had similar results to before with the B team just off entry time and A team under to finish in a close fight, but finishing 4th by less than 0.1s.

The positive start and confidence from the 7th continued to show on the 14th January 2018. The success continued in the morning session with the girls 400m Individual Medley with Alice Weston gaining a personal best for 1st place in the 12years age group. In the 13years Emilia Beesley gained massive personal Best for 8th place with Sophie Govan and Gracie Hudson also with big personal bests for 2nd and 1st respectively. In the girls 15years Lottie Pond was just off personal best for 6th place with Millie Tomlin-Davies with a 6second personal best for 5th place. The final girl was Megan Pirrie in the 17years and over with 2nd place this time of 5:06.18 also placed her in 3rd place overall. Next were the boys in the 400m Freestyle where Jake Chesworth finished 2nd with a big personal best in the 11years age group. Matthew ReadHead and Charlie Toms continued with the personal best with Matt gaining a 21second personal best for 7th and Charlie 5th in the 12years. John Manser in the 13years just missed out on 3rd place, finishing 4th with an 11second personal best. Joshua Weston demonstrated his ability over distance again, winning the 14years. The success continued with Luke Burton 5th in the 15years. Kenji McDade continued to demonstrate his ability by winning the 16years age group and junior trophy with a time of 4:15.22. Equally, Billy Martin also showed his ability by becoming joint first in the open age group and for the senior trophy with a time of 3:57.98.

The next session continued with the good results with the youngest girl taking part in the 400m Freestyle, Hannah Campbell, finishing 8th in her first ever county event in 10/11years age group. Alice Weston carried on from the morning session with another first place in the 12years.  Sophie Govan and Gracie Hudson also performed exceptionally again with 1st and 3rd in the 13years. In the 14 and 15 years age groups Imogen Walton and Elena Cogan gained small personal bests for 6th and 8th places respectively. Emma Whincup continued her exceptional form in freestyle from the 7th with an 8second personal best for 6th place in the 16years age group. Megan Pirrie continued her exceptional form with a massive 13second personal best to finish 2nd in the 17years and over age group. The boys continued with exceptional results in their 400m Individual Medley with Matthew ReadHead gaining another 10second personal best for 4th place in 12years. John Manser was a little off personal best for 5th place in the 13years age group. Joshua Weston had a close race for 2nd place in the 14years age group with a personal best.  Next was Sam Drew in the 15years age group with a massive 15second personal best. Kenji McDade also continued his close fights for 1st place in the 16years age group and Junior Trophy. Billy Martin gained a personal best for 3rd place in the 17years and over and for 3rd place for senior trophy.

The last session of the weekend was the girls 11/12years and 13/14 years relays. The first relays for both teams was the 200m Individual Medley, where the 11/12 A finished 4th just off their entry time. The team consisted of Isobel Cox, Sophie Byrom, Alice Weston, Eliza Hudson. In the 13/14 years both the A and B team finished in the top 8 with both going quicker than entry time. The A team finished 2nd, and consisted of Sophie Govan, Gracie Hudson, Isabelle Ford, and Imogen Walton, the B team finished 5th and consisted of Aisling Merrison, Millie Jones, Millie Strange, Charlotte Downing. Next was the 200m Freestyle relays where the 11/12 girls A team finished in 5th place with Alice Weston, Eliza Hudson, Isobel Simpson, and Sophie Byrom. The final race of the day was the freestyle for the 13/14 years where Maxwell A Team which was made up of Imogen Walton, Sophie Govan, Charlotte Downing, and Isabelle Ford, finished 3rd.

Maxwell are now very much looking forward to the main weekends of racing with such a positive start to the championships and 2018.