Squad List

 New Squad List 

Apologies for the delay in sending out the updated squad list, in future this will be posted regularly to show any changes to each squad. In the interim should it be thought to be in the best interests of a swimmer to change squads then coaches will have the discretion to look to do so. 

This current update takes immediate effect from 15th February 2018 and the next update will be due in June and at regular 3 monthly intervals there after.

Please let Karen know if you have any questions about the squad list especially if you think your swimmer should be listed but is not showing. The squad list can be found here.

For younger swimmers moving from Tigers to Sharks and from County to Performance, it is understood a period of transition may be required to adapt to the harder and sometimes later sessions. Please make sure you speak to your coach about this period of transition and they will give you guidance on the best way to do this.

It is important to amend your standing order to reflect any squad fee changes.  

Performance £60 per month

County £55 per month
Sharks £55 per month
Tigers £40 per month
Guest £30 per month
Masters £30 per month

Account : Shiverers SC, Sort code: 40-25-03, Account number: 11278371