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Team Dynamics Shine at Ealing Regional Qualifiers

The swimmers from Chelsea and Westminster managed to win an impressive tally of medals at the Ealing Regional Qualifier swim meet this weekend, winning the top club points award.

For many of the CWSC black hat swimmers it was the first time they had competed in distances over 50m and many of them discovered that they were well suited to these longer distances and clocked up some impressive times. Some of the races were quite gruelling such as the 200 metres Individual Medley where the younger swimmers were being tested on their skills and turns.

Coach Chris Bennett said “The teams dynamics made an incredible impact in the pool, with some courageous swims earning them a huge stash of medals plus some admirable PBs. I am thrilled by their excellent performance.”

Stand Out Swims:

Joseph Lyons for large personal best times in 50m and 100m Backstroke and 100m Freestyle.

Aslan Eler, Tomas Miranda and Eddie Robinson all gained huge personal best times in the 200m Freestyle and 200m Individual Medley.

Felix Welter, Dahlia Bonfiglio, Clementine Dowden, Amelie O’Neill and Celeste Stephens all produced PB’s in all swims.

Club Records:

6 club records were broken this weekend – well done!

  • Veronica for the 100 Free, 400 Free, 100 Back and 200 Back (she held all these records already).
  •  Lavinia for the 100 back (previously held by Thomasina) and 200 IM (previously held by Clara).


Tally of Medals 

  Gold Silver Bronze
Black Hats      
Aslan Eler   1  
Eddie Robinson     1
Joseph Lyon     1
Development Squad      
Veronica Venuti 5 3 2
Matthew Peters 3 2 3
Sophie Cunningham 1 3 2
Sophia Darling 1 1  
Catherine Perusset 1 1  
Victoria Bunimovich   4 3
Adrien Durantel   3 1
Jake Lee   1 4
lllarion Shtraus   1 2
Selin Mucen   1 1
Henry Roberts   1  
Elena Argesanu   1  
Josephine Surminski   1  
Sasha Berry     1
Damjan Kisic     1
Junior Performance       
Thomasina Grove 6 1  
Izabella Polgar-Wiseman 5 2  
Lavinia Ricci 3 4  
Emma Bradshaw 2 2 5
Agnes Van Lanschot 2    
Schuyler Daffry   3 2
Ben Whelan   2 2
Priya Caswell   2  
Lauren Shaffer   1 3
Imogen Sargent   1  
Balthazar Bradshaw     1
Valentina Fenton     1
Gold Squad      
Megan Kemp   1 1
Naomi Welters   1  
National Performance       
Justine Cesar 1 2 1
Aggie Moon 1   1