Tony Barnett Memorial Cup 2017

Nick Robbins has been awarded the Tony Barnett Memorial Cup for all he has done over the years for Broomfield Park SC. The cup is presented in memory of our late and fondly remembered club-mate Tony Barnett to recognise efforts for charity. Broomfield Park SC is itself a charity – hence the award to Nick.

I can’t think of anybody in the last few years who has devoted more time and energy to running the club, keeping it afloat through tricky times, than Nick Robbins.

Nick does the lot – from dealing with the schools to make sure we get the pool time we need to ensuring that the club’s finances are sound

If there’s a problem we turn to Nick to try to solve it and when it’s solved – Nick being Nick, and modest to a fault - he’s likely to deflect the credit to someone else.

Nick, I can almost hear you saying ‘give over’, so I’ll stop there and present you with the Tony Barnett Memorial Cup. No one deserves it more, and this is to say a big thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do for Broomfield Park Swimming Club.

Derek Parr