We’re looking for timekeepers, can you help?

To run our club championships, we need a steady stream of timekeepers and officials. As many of our older swimmer move on to new things, we loose their parent volunteers, so keeping a steady stream of qualified parents helps the club run and more importantly to attend competitive events at other clubs.

Becoming a qualified timekeeper is very easy to do!

What’s involved:- We will organize a short course (2 Hours max, held in a meeting room on a Friday eve at the King Alfred) with the very lovely Chris Hobbs from Sussex ASA. Then we organize some short time trials with Karen poolside, to do a few practical timing sessions and Bingo you’re qualified, very simple, very easy!

You’ll get a certificate and will be an official volunteer and subscribed member of the club

Here are some stories of parents who have done our officials courses in the past.


Tracey – Alice and Rhys’s Mum

I did my timekeeper qualification in Summer of 2017, and my worry was that I’d get the times wrong, but after now doing a few club events, I have to say its really easy and there are so many fail safes in place, its very difficult to completely mess it up! From a parent perspective, you get to see your kids swim from poolside and the time at a gala goes much quicker and actually feels a bit cooler than sitting spectating, you also have a constant stream of people feeding you sweets ;) !!

Being a volunteer in this small way really hasn’t impacted my time, it’s been time that would have been spent poolside, and has meant that the time went quicker

J1 Official

Louise Adams, Issy’s mum

I have a really busy work/family life but having supported Izzy and Shiverers from the spectator’s area for a few years I really wanted to get more involved in the club. I qualified as a timekeeper in the summer of 2017 and was keen to learn more about swimming, as I have not come from a swimming background. I went on to qualify as a J1 in February 2018. This involved two theory sessions and practical training at galas. I have learnt so much and have met so many lovely officials who I will now get to spend more time with at future galas. In order for galas to go ahead there have to be a large number of volunteers so I love being poolside knowing that I am supporting all the children across Sussex so they can race and put all their training into practice!

As a volunteer you can help in all different ways and after training back in December, I am now Team Manager for our swim camp in Spain. I can’t wait to spend a week with lots of Shiverers’ families training hard in the sunny resort of Torremolinos.

If you’re interested in signing up for the Timekeeper course, or are already a timekeeper and want to find out more about becoming a J1 or J2 official, please can you email your name and contact details to Tracey on

We are also looking for Volunteers who might be interested in becoming qualified lifeguards, or volunteer parents to help poolside on Friday evenings at 6pm, please let me know if you’re interested.


Thanks  Tracey