Maxwell Swim Club Records - Monthly update

Hi all

The records are now updated for March - and can be viewed here.  There have been some great successes - but I was expecting even more records to be claimed.  

mail Please remember that you must email your records to otherwise the swimmer may not get credit for it.  (Don't forget - new Men’s 800m and Women's 1500m are waiting to be claimed!) 

Since the last email sent, the schedule on the club website has been updated to make three corrections as well as entering lots of new records for March.


Special congratulations to Ted for breaking a record that had stood for over 16 years.  An old record is a good record!  Details below;

NEW Ted Gundry M 50 Back LC 15 Winter nationals, Sheffield 15/12/2017 29.03
OLD Craig Gibbons M 50 Back LC 15 Stockport 23/11/2001 29.05
              16 years and 1 month -0.02



Well done to Elle for gathering her first, of what we hope will be many, club records;

NEW Elle Cogan F 50 Breast LC 15 Wycombe 11/03/2018 36.15
OLD Abbie Haward F 50 Breast LC 15 Crawley 22/04/2012 36.93
              5 years and 11 months -0.78


Well done to Kenji for breaking his own 200 Breast record  (15; LC; 2.30.04).  He also picks up the age group LC 800 free record by virtue of being the first swimmer ever to complete a race in his (male) age group (Age 15; 9.04.69)!


Gracie swam two remarkable races at the ESSA championships.  We really do have something astonishing in the making for us all to keep an eye on…  Not only did she take more than eight seconds off of the old 200 metre breast record but, despite only being 12 years old, is only 1.5 seconds away from taking the club Open record…  High hopes for Bristol and the Regionals as she tries to chase down 2.45.56

NEW Gracie Hudson M 100 Breast LC 12 ESSA, Crawley 24/03/2018 1.17.32
OLD Emily Tomlin-Davies F 100 Breast LC 12 SE Regionals, Crawley 29/05/2016 1.19.41
              1 year and 10 months -2.09
NEW Gracie Hudson F 200 Breast LC 12 ESSA, Crawley 25/03/2018 2.46.91
OLD Emily Tomlin-Davies F 200 Breast LC 12 Bristol 10/04/2018 2.55.09
              1 year and 11 months -8.18


As well as posting 9.27.08 to be the first to claim the 14 years male LC 800 free, Josh broke two records over the period including taking 35 seconds off the SC 1500 free.  This leaves Billy with just 80 records in total now…!

NEW Josh Weston M 1500 Free SC 13 ONB Counties 07/01/2018 17.05.04
OLD Billy Martin M 1500 Free SC 13 ONB Counties 09/02/2014 17.40.44
              3 years and 11 months -35.4
NEW Josh Weston M 50 Breast SC 13 Guildford 19/11/2017 34.12
OLD Kenny Cliffe M 50 Breast SC 13 Maxwell 24/01/2009 34.77
              8 years and 10 months -0.65



Alice broke her own LC 50 fly record (37.12) and broke two others as well.  Standing out is her taking more than nine seconds of an eight year 200 fly record.  To make it four records for the period, she also posts a LC 1500 metre record by virtue of being the first to ever swim it (Aged 12; 20.40.24) 

NEW Alice Weston F 200 Fly LC 11 Wycombe 10/03/2018 2.37.02
OLD Caitlin Wheatley F 200 Fly LC 11 SE Regionals, Crawley 13/06/2009 2.46.45
              8 years and 9 months -9.43
NEW Alice Weston F 200 IM LC 11 Wycombe 10/03/2018 2.38.72
OLD Gracie Hudson F 200 IM LC 11 SE Regionals, Crawley 13/05/2017 2.39.63
              10 months -0.91


Many thanks and I am looking forward to seeing many more claims of records in the near future.  I will update again following the first round of Regionals.