Team Manager - Get Involved!

 Dear Parent/Guardian/Carer

My name is Jane and I am the Alton and District Swimming Club welfare officer.  You may you already have a child swimming in open meets and team galas or soon will have, remember they can compete as soon as they are 9 years old, if they wish to.

At open meets and team galas we can have a good number of swimmers at these events and it is good practice as a club to provide a team manager or two to help support the coach and swimmers. It really isn't too demanding, you would ensure all swimmers have turned up prior to warm up and make sure that they get to their races in a timely manner. Deal with any questions or problems that they need an adult to help with so that the coaches can concentrate on watching the races and giving feed back, which I believe is vitally important. Then as they finish their races for that session make sure that you know they are being collected and that someone is dry side to collect them. It's really fun to be poolside, I actually do it myself and you wouldn't be expected to attend any sessions that you didn't have a swimmer in. You get to be with you swimmer poolside, pay no entrance fee and get to know the coaches too.

All we need form you is a few hours to attend a Team Managers course run by our very own coach, Gemma Boylan. Complete a DBS online which I will send to you and as you are their for child safeguarding either attend a children in sport safeguarding course which run locally all the time or an online e-learning course. If you have done child safeguarding with your work and work with children regularly we do accept this too, so please just let me know.

Please think about how much your help is beneficial to the club and our swimmers as without adequate supervision it makes it very hard to provide safe and beneficial environment poolside, so we may then have to limit entries from the club, of which we certainly don't want to do!

If you think you would love to do something like this or have any more questions please please email me back as we are looking at doing the Team Managers course on a Wednesday evening at Alton Sports centre very soon.

Kind regards

ADSC Welfare officer