Regional Warm Up and Finalised Timings and Other Important Information


London Region have now published the Finalised Estimated Timings for the whole of the Regional Championships 2018 (i.e. both Youth and Age Group) as well as a Warm Up Schedule for the whole event which gives specific warm up times.

Please remember London Regionals operates a withdrawal process and failure to withdraw will incur a fine of £25.00 (payable by the swimmer who failed to withdraw (not KRSC)).  An extract from the Promoter's Conditions detailing the withdrawal procedure is set out below.  Please send all withdrawals prior to the day of the event using the official Withdrawal Form direct to Nick Hallam at  All withdrawals on the day should be made at the withdrawal desk located poolside via the coach or by the swimmer. 

11.4.1. A withdrawal system will be in operation. Competitors who are not intending to swim (or their representatives) must submit official withdrawal forms, either electronically as prescribed on the competition website - up to 10.00am on Friday 4th May 2018 (the day before the start of the competition), or at the Withdrawals table at the pool by completing an official withdrawal form no later than 50 minutes before the advertised starting time of the first event in each session. Notification of withdrawal by any other means than an official withdrawal form will not be considered.
11.4.2. A fine will be levied in respect of each competitor who fails to withdraw and does not present themselves to the Clerks of the Course at the start of the event - except in the case of a proven emergency.
11.4.3. Failure to report to the Clerks of the Course prior to an event or final shall forfeit the competitor’s right to compete. Heat start lists for each event will be posted before each session starts and it is the competitor's responsibility to ensure their name appears on the list prior to the start time of the session.
11.4.4. Announced finalists and reserves not intending to swim shall withdraw by completing a withdrawal form as soon as possible, and in every case no later than the announced time determined by the Meet Manager.
11.4.5. A fine will be levied in respect of each competitor who withdraws from a final in such a manner as to prevent a reserve from taking part - except in the case of a proven emergency.

All these documents – AND FULL PROGRAMMES FOR EACH WEEKEND - have been published online at

Please be aware of the food/refreshment policy at LAC.  Only swimmers are permitted to take food into the building.  Parents taking food into the building could have it confiscated.

Spectator Entry is £10.00 per day (regardless of arrival/departure time) for Adults (16 & over). Children (15 & under) enter for free. Printed programmes will be available free-of-charge to fee-paying Spectators whilst stocks last, so we encourage everyone to download and print their own programmes to avoid disappointment on the day.

Live Results/Start Lists will be published here –

Swimmers, coaches and spectators are encouraged to tweet messages of support and swimming photos using the hashtag #2018LondonChamps