Long Course Training camp at Kelly College

Graham is organising a Long Course training camp at Kelly College. The weekend of 13th to 15th July. It will include all groups - see below.

Exact Costs will not be known until rough numbers are available. Swimmers at regional finalist level or higher. Stay for 2 nights (Cost approximately £130). This weekend is 11 days before British nationals starts (Tuesday 24th July) is from 13th to 15th July. Train Friday night, 2 x Sat 2 x Sun

Comp1/Comp2  1 Night residential camp    (Cost approximately £70 with 15 people). Saturday 14/15 July. Train 2 hours: 2 x Sat, 2 x Sun

ST3/ST2  Day Camp.  Sunday only (Cost approximately £20 with 15 people). Sunday 15th July Train 2 x Sunday.   1x90 minutes session and 1x60 minutes session with Land Training 60 minutes.

This is to give all National swimmers long course training and foster team unity with the experience of being at a training camp with all levels of swimmers.

The information is on the Events page or Home page. If you are interested please click yes on commit. This will show us your name and the group you are in.