Timekeeper Courses


Dear Parent/Club Member


Re Timekeeper Courses


 As most of you are aware, recent changes by the ASA, mean that times achieved by swimmers, can only be submitted for County Championships, Regional and National events that have been obtained at registered licenced meets.


The only way to overcome this problem, is to licence our own club events, but to achieve this we must use suitably qualified officials.


The Club are therefore running a series of timekeeper courses, so that we can fulfil the ASA requirements of running a licenced meet.


Timekeeping is an ideal way for you to get involved with your Childs Swimming activities and are a huge, and necessary resource for the club.


Courses can only have of a maximum of ten candidates, and are in two parts, a theoretical session, followed by a practical session at a later date. So I intend to run several over the year.


I am now taking names from parents and older swimmers, who would like to enrol on a timekeeper course, and when I have enough names, one can quickly be arranged.


If you would like to attend a course, or have any questions, please email me at,


Kind regards