Open Water Session

Open Water Sessions

Where and When
Sessions will take place on a Monday or Tuesday evening at Gosfield Lake Resort from 6pm - 7:30pm.
The postcode for the lake is CO9 1UD, it is about 50 mins from Bury and 30 mins from Haverhill. The car park opens 10 mins before 6pm so you can arrive just before. we'll aim to be in the water for around 6:15pm.
If it is your first time at Gosfield you will have to fill out an Emergency contact form for the organisers before being alowed to swim. In line with the health and saftey procedures at Gosfield Lake, anyone wishing to swim regularly will need to buy a Gosfield swimming hat (the cost being £5). If it is your first time swimming at the lake you will not be expected to buy a hat.
The Lake does have changing rooms and hot showers, there is also a cafe there selling tea/coffee and bacon rolls. 
The cost of the session is £4 this is the entry fee at Gosfield so please make sure you bring along £4 or you wont be able to swim. 
The Next Session:
TUESDAY 23/07/2019
So buying a wetsuit can be a bit daunting so to try and help here's a few tips. 
1. You dont need to spend loads of money to get a good wet-suit. A lot of wetsuits are priced in excess of £400 but they do pretty much the same as some cheper options that dont let you down on quality. Finding a cheper suit around £90-£160 is going to make you feel a lot less guilty about sleeping in one Sunday morning when you should be swimming.
2. When it comes to swimming in a wetsuit comfort is everything, Having a wet-suit that fits snugly is essential as to much movement is how skin irritation is caused. Also specific to swimming ,try to find a wetsuit that has a low neck line as the breathing and sighting is much easier when you dont have to fight your wetsuit to do it.
3. Buying second hand is ok. As long as the wetsuit is in reasonable good condition it will work fine. Unlike the racing suits we all wear in the pool, wetsuits are designed to be a bit more hard wearing. But to try and find that wetsuit that isnt hiding a flaw ask the seller why they're selling it, the answer you want to hear is "I outgrew it" or "its to small now" rather than I'm upgrading to a new one as this probably means that they 'Need' a new one.
4. Thickness, well there are loads of thickness for wetsuits so which one is right for you? Well swimming generally allow wetsuits when its colder than 16'c so the recomendation for that temperature range is either 4/3mm and 3/2mm, so look for these numbers when buying a wetsuit and you'll be allright.
5. Short or long wet-suit. LONG! this is England and even in the height of summer you'll be lucky to reach a water temperature of 20'c (maybe slightly higher in a small lake) but its still not the Mediterranean, so unless you are going to use the wetsuit for something else such as a triathlon then I would get a Long one.
The links below provide a bit more of an in depth guide or recommendations to purchasing a wet-suit