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Performance Squads Training Camp 2018
During the 2018 Easter Break, swimmers from both Junior Performance and National Performance spent 7 days at the amazing facilities found at the Coral Beach Resort located just up the coast from beautiful Paphos, Cyprus. Our hosts, Arena Sports in partnership with Gorgo Travel and the Cyprus Tourism Board gave our swimmers an incredible platform to improve their strength, stamina and speed in the water. The National Performance swimmers endured up to 12 pool sessions alongside 3 gym sessions proving a gruelling week as part of their 3rd cycle of work leading into the British and English Summer Nationals. The Junior Performance squad were exposed to the next level in their training, completing 9 pool sessions alongside 2 gym sessions. The practicality of the pool location in relation to the hotel made it the perfect environment to repeat hard work, rest and recover. 
The swimmers did a fantastic job in and out of the water with many of our athletes taking advantage of their free time by focussing on their studies and exam preparations, while also fitting in some time for fun around the resort and in the ocean. Junior Performance swimmers found themselves involved in a ‘Race Simulation’ day. The day gave the swimmers the opportunity to take ownership over their race day preparation between Heats and Finals - their engagement and delivery proved prosperous with many swimmers not only swimming faster between the simulated heat and final, but swimming personal bests also.
The club would like to thank all coaches and team managers for the organisation and delivery of such a fantastic camp. Without everyone's effort, the camp wouldn't have been so successful.