Holiday jobs in Reception at Aquavale

EveryoneActive are hoping that some of our older swimmers will apply to work at the Front of House (i.e. the Reception) at Aquavale.   This is often the first point of contact that members of the public have with Aquavale so it's a really important role, and our swimmers have a great advantage in that they know the centre well.   

Hannah Jones, Front of House Manager, has provided this job advert, and has also answered some questions below. 

Ask for Hannah at the reception desk for a chat, or email her your C.V and availability - contact details below.


What are the benefits?

  • Benefits include free access to the fitness suite, classes and swimming pools as well as competitive rates of pay!! 
  • Customer Service experience is always brilliant for developing confidence and putting on a CV 

​What would I be doing?

  • You would work on the reception desk at the front of the building, including working with the computers, serving customers, collecting customer data, taking bookings, cash handling, dealing with complaints  and answering the phones.
  • You could do it alongside another job, such as lifeguarding or teaching if you wish.

Would I need to agree to a long term contract?

  • We are looking for Casual Help - which means you will not be contracted to anything.  We have a whatsapp group and a rota showing shifts that need covering and it works on first come first serve basis to take the shifts.
  • You won't be committed to the same shift every week.  The shifts change every week so for example I will send a text out asking if anyone can work whatever I need covered that week.  I usually do the rota about two weeks in advance, so I just let them know what is available and then they tell me which shifts they can work.
  • Although you will not be contracted once you take the shift that is YOURS and if you can no longer do it is YOUR responsibility to find cover  
  • The  shifts are normally 4 hours duration (minimum), and will mostly be evenings, weekends and school holidays as below, with some daytime shifts available too:

School holidays:  8:45 – 3.30pm

Evenings:  4pm – 10pm,  4pm – 8pm, 6pm – 10pm

Weekends:  8am – 4:30pm, 11am – 8pm, 4pm – 8pm

 Daytime:  6am – 2.30pm, 12pm – 4pm


What are the next steps? 


Hannah Jones Front of House Manager
Aqua Vale Swimming and Fitness Centre
Everyone Active


01296 488 555