Mini-gala in July

 Mini-gala in July 


There will be a , venue and exact date to be determined. This event will be for Pre-Dev and Dev 1 swimmers only.  

The gala will include 25m events in all strokes as well as 50 meter freestyle, and a squadron relay if time permits.

All swimmers in the above two squads are encouraged to participate. It will be excellent preparation for the Club Championship session on 29 September in which they are all required to take part.

Changes to July mini-gala

Please note that due to scheduling conflicts, the proposed Mini-Gala in July will be replaced by a series of time trials during Tuesday sessions on the 3 and 10 July at Wimbledon College.

Dev 1 and 2 squads already have the Tuesday session available to them and are encouraged to attend even if it isn’t one of their regular sessions.


Pre-Dev swimmers are also invited to give them some competition-style experience prior to the Club Championships in September.

We will have timekeepers and trainee officials present and although times will not be official (i.e. usable for entering competitions), they will serve as an excellent benchmarks for measuring swimmers’ progress.

Registration forms will be available closer to the date