GB selections for WDSC Masters Triathletes

GB selections for WDSC Masters Triathletes

The WDSC masters had a big weekend on 19/20 May. After a long hard winter, they emerged from the pool, the gym and the garage straight into key GB qualification races. The British Triathlon Federation put-on an extra qualification race on Saturday for the European Championships 2018, because the final qualifier last season had clashed with the Worlds in Rotterdam. And Sunday’s race was the first World Championships Qualifier for both 2018 and 2019.

This meant back-to-back sprint races on consecutive days for Lena Poulton and Alan Harris – the sprint being 750m swim; 20km bike and 5km run. The results are as follows:

European Championship Qualifier - Nottingham Saturday 19 May - non-drafting race

Lena Poulton 45-49: 1st
Alan Harris 45-49: 3rd

Both are now qualified for the ETU European Championships in Strathclyde in August. Alan posted a lifetime PB of 1.00:47Also qualified are Bev Childs and Sharon Hill.


World Championship Qualifier 2018 - Eton Dorney Sunday 20 May - draft-legal race

Lena Poulton 45-49: 3rd
Sharon Hill 50-54: 2nd
Ian Gilham 55-59: 11th
Bev Childs 60-64: 2nd

This means that Bev and Ian are now qualified for the World Championships in Australia in September 2018. Lena and Sharon already have PQ slots after their results at the Worlds in Rotterdam last year. 


World Championship Qualifier 2019 - Eton Dorney Sunday 20 May - draft-legal race

Lena Poulton 45-49: 3rd
Alan Harris 45-49: 9th
Neil Turner 45-49: 27th
Ian Gilham 55-59: 11th
Sharon Hill 50-54: 2nd

Qualification slots are yet to be confirmed given that many people change age-groups next year. But, Alan, Sharon and  Bev are qualified for the World Championships in Switzerland in September 2019 and Lena and Ian are in the frame. Neil lives to fight another day having improved on his race time from last season and he is now focusing on the second qualification race in Cardiff in June.

All-in-all, this was a very successful weekend for all of the WDSC Masters Triathletes. The BTF really doesn’t give away qualification slots for the GB team and competition is getting harder every year. Well done everyone and special thanks to David Gee, Patrick Ahern and Kevin for all their support.