Masters triumph in Jubilee River swim

On Sunday 10th June, four of Bromley's best (well oldest at least) took on the Jubilee river swim relay challenge.  For the uninitiated, this is ten kilometre relay swim in an offshoot of the Thames, with certain death to those that fail to exit the water before each weir.  Undaunted by the high risk, the team, consisting of Judy Van Selm, Mark Pickering, Jason Meers and Hazel Haycocks (swimming in that order), swam a creditable 2hrs 32 minutes to come 18th out of 75 teams.  Unfortunately, despite having survived the river water, Judy then managed to eat a dodgy salad and came down with food poisoning, which only serves to highlight the risk of trying to eat healthily!   Next year we are looking for more swimmers at this truely unique event, so are throwing down the gauntlet to top squad!!  Note at the time of writing three of the four of us have already recommitted to 2019, which will only be run as a solo event, so the full 10k each.