Boldmere Water Carnival 2018 Photos

Once again, its £2 for a CD with all of the images of your child that you can find. Please list the event and photo number.  ( Photo numbers appear in the lower left corner of the image when you place your mouse cursor on the image)

The images will be free of the Boldmere Watermark and suitable for printing at up to A4 size. If you want to print bigger than A4 then let me know and I’ll send you a suitable file.

Please send any orders with payment to either Judy Kenyon  or to me (Kevin Butcher)



Lunch Time Parade

Girls 200 IM

Girls 200 Free

Girls 200 Fly

Girls 200 Breast

Girls 200 Back

Girls 100 Fly

Girls 100 Breast

Girls 100 Back

Girls 50 Free

Girls 50 Fly

Girls 50 Breast

Girls 50 Back

Boys 200 IM

Boys 200 Free

Boys 200 Fly

Boys 200 Breast

Boys 200 Back

Boys 100 Fly

Boys 100 Breast

Boys 100 Back

Boys 50 Free

Boys 50 Fly

Boys 50 Breast

Boys 50 Back