Thankyou to all of our partners & sponsors

English Summer Nationals Day 5

WIth excitement towards two strong races today, Ella and Teagan perpared with thier normal routine, wolfed down breakfast and headed to the pool for thier warm ups.   A massive thank you and recognition should go to the Hemings family and Robbie who stayed to support Teagan and Ella today, after being in Sheffield for two weeks, thier team support for watching and cheering on every swimmers heats and finals aross the two week is commendable and demonstarted the strong team ethic we have.

Morning Heats 

Ella was up first in the 50m Fly, and delivered a strong race with great speed, so much was her effort that one extra breath was needed more than the race plan.  The finish time was a 29.97, her fastest heat swim and finished 11th overall.  The four swimmers ahead of her were within 10th of a second of Ella's time.  This has been a very positive week for Ella who arrived at her first Nationals having finalled in the 50m Free and stepped up massively.  Ella had prepared well for her races and worked well on recovery after swims and scary movies alike.  


A huge thank you must go to the McNamara's who have looked after all the swimmers nutrition with delightful cooking, some half-decent accents from around the world and fun games around the evening meal table. 


Next up was Teagan in the 800m Free, super pumped, still sore from the 1500m evening before, Teagan knew this was going to be a tough race.  So pumped up she stood on the block and then disaster- she false started.  Half realisng this and half working hard just in case, she worked her socks off and touched in a respectable time of 9.34.  Not the ideal way to finish the championships for Teagan. However, coming away with an amazing 1500m result and a Gold Medal, Teagan will bounce back quickly and look forward to another season.  Teagan being here from day 1, 14 days ago has managed herself like a true athlete too.


Well what a two weeks.  3 Golds, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals, 6 Dorset Records, 14 Club Records, and huge PB rate. The club can be proud of another successful trip to Sheffield. 

A huge thank you to all the support back home from swimmers and parents.  

A huge thank you to the coaches that have covered squads during these two wees and a huge well done to all the coaches, athletes and their parents on our most succesful season ever.